As a Formula 1 fan, you may be wondering what you should take along if you wish to attend the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Food and drink are at the top of your list, given how long a day at the races can get. Can you take food along, or do you have to buy it at the venue? Fortunately, the regulations are quite clear, and prior attendees have shared their experiences in this regard.

The Silverstone F1 event allows the taking along of food and drink. However, Silverstone F1 does not allow taking along glass containers, cooler boxes that are over 21 US quarts (20 liters) capacity, or barbecues. Vendors that supply food and drink are available, but the prices are excessive.

Having food and drink is a good start, but you are also likely to need to take several other items along to ensure that you enjoy your day at the races to the fullest. You may wish to consider what you wish to do to ensure you do not get unpleasantly surprised by the weather, get too uncomfortable, or even exposed to something that may compromise your safety.

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Does Silverstone F1 Allow Visitors To Bring Food And Drink?

The organizers at Silverstone F1 allow spectators to take their own food and beverages along to enjoy while watching the race. In addition to hosting a collection of consumables at the venue, the organizers at Silverstone F1 encourage visitors to support the local towns and tourist attractions and buy local produce and cuisine.

Racing enthusiasts may enjoy visiting the nearby Goodwood Festival of Speed the weekend prior to Silverstone F1 or one of the many British motor museums nearby. Or swap supercars for tennis and go to the Wimbledon Grand Slam while munching on strawberries and cream.

There are renowned restaurants, eateries, and stores in the nearby towns of Towcester, Milton Keynes, Northampton, and Buckingham, where you can find any of the delicious treats you can dream of taking along.

Food And Drink Items To Take Into Silverstone F1

While there are a variety of meals, snacks, and beverages (also for vegans and vegetarians) available for purchase at the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix, these items are expensive. The Silverstone F1 organizers allow you to take food and drink along, but with a handful of restrictions:

  • No glass bottles and containers.
  • Cooler boxes are limited to 21 US quarts (20 liters) capacity.
  • No barbecues or fires.
  • Alcoholic beverages are allowed, but only in reasonable amounts for personal consumption.
  • Do not take along cooking or food-related items that might be considered weapons, safety, or security risks.

Taking along extra water and a refillable bottle is a sound piece of advice for whichever race you wish to attend. As you are likely to have to walk far from the parking area, meals that are not physically heavy or require heavy utensils to prepare or consume are good choices. And if your meal is likely to get messy, wet wipes and other cleaning materials will be indispensable.

In addition to saving money and guaranteeing that you will have food items that you like, not having to stand in queues at food stands will also save you time and improve your odds of finding a better vantage point of the race.

Which Other Items Should You Take To F1 At Silverstone?

While some vendors at stores at the race sell specific necessities, essential items to take along when attending an F1 race at Silverstone include items that protect you against the weather, hearing protection, and (most importantly) your ticket.

Items frequently recommended to take along when attending an F1 race:

  1. Your ticket. And photo ID. Entrance officials will turn you away without it.
  2. A lanyard to prevent loss of your ticket
  3. Hearing protection items
  4. Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses
  5. Raincoat or umbrella for rainy conditions
  6. Additional cash to buy souvenirs with
  7. Portable radio to listen to the race commentary
  8. Detailed circuit maps
  9. Camera with spare batteries and extra memory cards (you do not want to miss that photo of the tire overtaking a driver on the track)
  10. Drinking water, food, and snacks
  11. Foldable chairs
  12. Wet wipes for sticky situations
  13.  Binoculars with a modest zooming ability
  14. A light carry bag for your belongings
  15. Your plane, train, bus, or parking area ticket

If headaches or migraines often cause you discomfort, bringing along any medication that might alleviate your suffering would be advisable. You could also consider taking a cushion to soften your seat on the grandstand if you are standing in that area.

And, if you would like a driver to give you their autograph, it would be wise to take along your own marker pen to save time and capitalize on the opportunity.

In addition to the many options that offer entertainment aside from the race at Silverstone, it could also prove wise to take something along to alleviate the boredom of any children you choose to take along to the race, particularly during downtimes and unforeseen delays. Extra batteries for mobile devices and cameras will come in handy when you want to keep your kids from getting overly bored.

Prohibited Items At Silverstone F1

The race organizers for the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix have identified specific items that are not allowed at the Silverstone F1 Grand Prix either because they are safety or security risks, illegal, socially offensive, or merely obstructions to the enjoyment of other attendees. Please do not take any of these items along to Silverstone:

  1. Restricted drugs and illegal substances
  2. Weapons or overly dangerous objects
  3. Drones and remote-controlled or overhead objects
  4. Step ladders, elevation devices, tents, umbrellas, or parasols
  5. Any pyrotechnics, smoke canisters, or laser pointers
  6. Scooters, hoverboards, or electric bicycles (other than disability assistance devices)
  7. Any animals (other than Assistance Dogs, which are welcome with prior arrangement)
  8. Any items used for unsanctioned marketing

Please note that vaping and smoking may only be allowed in certain areas within the Silverstone circuit area but are expressly prohibited from the grandstands and enclosed areas.

How Do You Dress For The Silverstone F1 Race?

F1 races are lengthy events that may require walking great distances and prolonged periods on your feet. Preferably, you will dress comfortably, with well worn-in shoes. Bear in mind that there are areas that have specific dress codes. The recommended level is “smart casual”- meaning full-length pants, buttoned shirts, or polo shirts for men, and a dress, skirt, or pants for women.

Many fans also suggest that it may also be worth considering bringing along spare clothing in case of harsh weather or excessive perspiration. The added comfort derived from not being soggy or smelly when you must rely on crowded public transport is enough to justify carrying it along in your bag.


Formula 1 enthusiasts attending the race at Silverstone may take their own food and drink, with certain limitations. Glass containers, large cooler boxes, barbecues, and excessive amounts of alcohol are prohibited. It would also be wise to take items that enhance your experience and limit discomfort associated with extended periods exposed to the weather or physical exertion.

Dress in a “smart casual” manner, wear comfortable shoes and avoid bringing any dangerous or excessively distracting items to the race. And remember the most important of all, your ticket!


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