Fernando Alonso is one of the most talented Formula One drivers in the sport’s history. You may think you know everything about the Spaniard, but this list is 33 Facts you didn’t know about Fernando Alonso.

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Is Fernando Alonso Married?

Fernando Alonso is not married. Alonso has been married in the past. In November 2006, Alonso married Raquel del Rosario, a Spanish Singer. But the two divorced in December of 2011. Since then, Alonso has been in four different relationships. His current girlfriend is model and TV personality Linda Morselli. The pair have been dating since 2016. 

What Is Fernando Alonso’s net worth?

Estimations of Alonso’s net worth tend to vary. But it seems most say that Fernando Alonso’s net worth is around $240 million. A large part of his wealth comes from his annual salary in Formula One, which is thought to be in the region of $33 million. But Alonso also earns a lot from his various sponsorships and endorsements, his main sponsor being Adidas. 

Did Fernando Alonso Play Football? 

Since he was young, Alonso has been an avid supporter of Real Madrid and Real Oviedo. But Fernando never played football professionally. However, that doesn’t mean that Alonso hasn’t shown his football skills in other ways. Alonso has been involved in various charity football matches throughout his Formula One career. 

In fact, in 2013, Alonso produced a stunning display in the Partita del Cuore charity football match, scoring twice, including a Panenka penalty. Alonso had even played a charity game against Diego Maradona when Alonso was with Ferrari. 

Did Fernando Alonso Driver for Mercedes?

Fernando Alonso has driven for four different teams in Formula One. Despite this, Alonso has never driven for Mercedes in his Formula One career. Alonso did come close to joining Mercedes a few times in his career. One of those was when Nico Rosberg retired in 2016. Alonso approached Toto Wolff hoping that Wolff would sign Alonso to Mercedes. 

He did not sign him. So as Alonso’s career winds down, it seems like the closest that the Spaniard will ever get to driving for Mercedes was in 2007 when a Mercedes engine powered his McLaren. 

Did Fernando Alonso Win F1?

Fernando Alonso has been crowned Formula One champion twice, both with Renault. The first was in 2005 when Alonso won seven races on his way to his first driver’s title. Alonso won another seven in 2006, as he beat out Michael Schumacher by 13 points to win his second driver’s title. 

Alonso has come very close to winning it all again. In 2012, Alonso finished the season just three points behind champion Sebastian Vettel, despite beating Vettel in the season’s last race. Alonso also finished second in the driver’s championship in 2010, finishing just four points behind Sebastian Vettel despite a 15 point lead on Vettel going into that race in Abu Dhabi. Fernando Alonso won many times in Formula One, winning 32 races in his career alongside 98 podiums. 

Where does Fernando Alonso Live? 

Fernando Alonso reportedly has three different properties that he owns. His primary offseason residence is a luxury apartment in Dubai which reportedly is worth £130 million. Alonso also has a home located somewhere in Oxford. Alonso’s third property is located in Switzerland, reportedly close to Maranello, which is Ferraris headquarters. 

You would imagine that Alonso is spending more time in his Oxford home, as it is very close to the headquarters of his current team Alpine, which is located in Enstone in Oxfordshire. 

Who does Fernando Alonso drive for?

For the 2022 season, Fernando Alonso is contracted to drive for the Alpine F1 team. Alonso returned to Alpine in 2021, having previously won two titles when the team was known as Renault. Alpine is the fourth different team that Alonso has driven for. Alonso started his career with Minardi back in 2001. 

Since then, Alonso has driven for Renault, McLaren, Renault again, Ferrari, McLaren again, and then a third stint with Alpine. Alonso has also driven for Toyota Gazoo Racing in the FIA world endurance championship and driving in the Indy 500 for Arrow McLaren SP. 

Does Fernando Alonso own Kimoa?

Fernando Alonso does, in fact, own Kimoa. Kimoa is a Spanish clothing retailer founded by Alonso in March of 2017. The brand targets young and middle-aged adults. Kimoa serves 150 countries worldwide, mainly selling shirts, swimsuits, sweaters, shoes, sunglasses, and hats. 

The company was struggling in 2021, so a 75% stake was sold to the US group Revolution Brands. The deal was around £3 million. The deal sees Alonso still holding a 25% stake in the company and acting as a brand ambassador. 

Does Fernando Alonso have a son? 

Fernando Alonso does not have any children. Alonso has never had any children. This is despite being married for over five years to singer Raquel del Rosario. Alonso has spoken previously as to why he doesn’t have any children. 

In 2018, Alonso said that his dedication to Formula One left him with “no friends, no family, no free time, no privacy, no wife and no kids.” A pretty damning inditement of his time in Formula One. Despite this, Alonso still returned to F1 in 2021 and still does not have any kids. 

Does Fernando Alonso have the triple crown?

The Triple Crown of Motorsport is often regarded as one of motorsport’s most prestigious unofficial achievements. To achieve the Triple Crown, a driver has to win the Monaco Grand Prix, 24 Hours of Le Mans, and the Indy 500. The only person to ever complete the Triple Crown is former two-time F1 champion Graham Hill 

Fernando Alonso does not have the Triple Crown. Alonso has won the Monaco Grand Prix twice and won the 24 Hours of Le Mans twice as well. Alonso is missing a victory at the Indy 500. Alonso and Juan Pablo Montoya are the only active drivers to have completed two races of the Triple Crown. 

Does Fernando Alonso Take the Knee?

Fernando Alonso decided before the 2021 season that he would not take the knee before races. Taking the Knee has become a united symbol in the fight against racism and in support of BLM. Taking the knee has been something happening in sport throughout the world. 

Formula One drivers were pretty split on whether to take the knee, with half of the drivers deciding to stand. Alonso decided against taking the knee but has not explained why he made this decision. 

Does Fernando Alonso have Poland Syndrome? 

Not many fans may know that Fernando Alonso was born with a congenital disability called Poland Syndrome. Poland Syndrome is a rare congenital disability that only affects around 1 in 20000 newborns. The defect means that Alonso has an underdeveloped right Pectoral muscle. 

It affected Alonso in Bahrain in 2016. Alonso was side-lined after a crash in Melbourne the week prior. Alonso’s crash caused rib fractures, and Alonso was side-lined due to the hit and concerns about how Poland Syndrome would affect his rib injury. 

Has Fernando Alonso Won Monaco?

Fernando Alonso has won the Monaco Grand Prix twice. His first win came in 2006. Alonso qualified in first place and ended the race with a dominant winning margin. Alonso won the race, finishing fifteen seconds ahead of second-placed Juan Pablo Montoya and 52 seconds ahead of third-placed David Coulthard. 

Alonso won in 2007 as well. The Spaniard qualified on pole again, holding off his young teammate Lewis Hamilton to win his second Monaco Grand Prix in a row. Since 2007, Alonso has not won the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Has Fernando Alonso Won a World Championship? 

Fernando Alonso is a former two-time F1 world champion. Alonso won back-to-back Formula One world titles in 2005 and 2006. Both of Alonso’s titles came with the Renault team. Alonso’s first title came after he won seven races in 2005, to win the title by 19 points to 2007 world champions Kimi Raikkonen. 

Alonso’s second title was a similar story. The Spaniard won seven races, as this time he beat out seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher to his second title. Alonso finished the season 13 points above Schumacher despite winning only one of the calendar’s last nine races. 

How Old is Fernando Alonso?

Fernando Alonso is currently 40 years old, born on the 29th of July 1981. This means that Alonso is the oldest driver by three years, with Alonso’s former teammate Lewis Hamilton the second oldest driver at 37. 

Alonso still has a way to go to get anywhere near the age records of Formula One. The top 20 oldest drivers to start an F1 race are all over the age of 50, so it is unlikely that Alonso will get onto that list. 

How Tall is Fernando Alonso? 

Fernando Alonso is measured as 1.71m tall. This would also make him 5ft 6in. Fernando Alonso is tied for the second shortest driver on the grid. Lando Norris is also listed as 5ft 6in. But Alonso is still four inches taller than Yuki Tsunoda, who is listed as 5ft 2in. 

How Much is Fernando Alonso Worth? 

Fernando Alonso’s net worth is estimated to be in the region of $240m. This figure makes Alonso the fifth richest Formula One driver in history. Most of Alonso’s net worth comes from all of the money he has made from Formula One. Alonso has consistently had one of the highest salaries in Formula One due to being one of the best drivers on the grid. 

How Much Does Fernando Alonso Earn? 

Fernando Alonso signed a two-year deal with Alpine when he re-joined Formula One in 2021. This deal means that in 2022, Alonso will earn $22 million from Alpine. It is much more challenging to determine how much Alonso earns from his sponsors. 

Alonso has a variety of sponsors, including Kimoa, Finetwork, Adidas, and Raw Superdrink. It is unknown exactly how much Fernando earns from each of these sponsorships, but it is likely to also be in the multi-millions 

Is Fernando Alonso Good? 

Fernando Alonso is considered one of the most talented Formula One drivers of all time. In his illustrious Formula One career, the Spaniard has won 32 races and two back-to-back world drivers titles. Alonso has also claimed 22 pole positions in his Formula One career and is currently sitting on 98 podiums. 

Alonso is rightfully considered one of the most naturally talented drivers in Formula One history and certainly one of the best drivers of the 21st century. More seasoned Formula One fans will understand that the statistics do not tell the whole story when it comes to Alonso. Fernando came eight points away from two more world titles and consistently carried one of the worst cars on the grid to points in his second stint with McLaren. 

Yes, Fernando Alonso is good. He is a brilliant Formula One driver and competitor. 

What Team is Fernando Alonso In?

Fernando Alonso signed a two-year deal with Alpine in 2021 to drive for the team in the 2021 and 2022 seasons. Alonso is in Alpine for the moment, which is the fourth team he has driven for. 

Alonso has driven for Minardi, Ferrari, McLaren, and Alpine in his 20 year Formula One career. It seems as though Alpine will be Alonso’s last Formula One team, as the former world champion is now 40 years old and surely coming to the end of his career, having already retired once in 2019. 

When did Fernando Alonso Start in F1?

Fernando Alonso made his debut in Formula One back in 2001. Alonso was Minardi’s test and reserve driver in 2000 before stepping into a race seat in 2001. Alonso struggled in his debut season with Minardi, as the car was uncompetitive. Alonso’s best finish in his debut season was a tenth-place finish in Germany. 

Alonso made his F1 debut when his current teammate Esteban Ocon was only four years old. 

When did Fernando Alonso Leave F1?

Fernando Alonso is currently driving in Formula One, but he has previously left the sport. Alonso drove in F1 in 2001 before being out of a seat in 2002. From there,

Alonso drove in Formula One up until the end of 2018. 

Alonso decided to retire at the end of the 2018 season. Alonso’s main reasons for retiring were the lack of on-track racing, predictability of results, and felt like discussions outside of F1 had harmed the series. I’m sure it did not help that the McLaren car was inferior at the time. 

Where Does Fernando Alonso Live Now?

Fernando Alonso owns three different homes. The first is a luxury apartment in Dubai, thought to be estimated at $140 million. The other two houses are located in Oxford and Switzerland. 

It is highly likely that Alonso spends most of his offseason time at his house in Oxford, especially over the last couple of years. This is because Alonso drives for Alpine, whose headquarters are located in Enstone, Oxfordshire. F1 drivers are expected to be around the factory for parts of the time in-between seasons, so Alonso would likely live in his home in Oxford. 

Who is Fernando Alonso’s Wife?

Fernando Alonso does not currently have a wife. Alonso has previously been married. Between November 2006 and December 2011, Alonso was married to El Sueno de Morfeo lead singer, Raquel del Rosario. But the two have been divorced for over a decade.

It is believed that Alonso currently has a girlfriend, Linda Morselli. Morselli is an Italian model and TV personality. While it is not confirmed, it seems as though the two have been dating since 2016. 

What car does Fernando Alonso drive?

In terms of Formula One, Fernando Alonso will be driving in the Alpine once again this season. For the 2022 season, Alonso will drive the A522, which was revealed on the 21st of February 2022.

Alonso’s personal car isn’t quite as fast. Fernando drives a Ferrari 458 Italia. But Fernando has the choice of over 300 cars he owns, most stored in a museum of his cars that houses around 1500 cars.

Why did Fernando Alonso Come back to F1?

Fernando Alonso retired from Formula One in 2018 after working very hard to get the best out of a struggling McLaren car. But two seasons later, Alonso returned to Formula One with Alpine, the renamed Renault team. This was Alonso’s third stint with the team. 

Fernando Alonso came back to Formula One for a variety of reasons. Personally, Alonso wanted to return to the highest level of motorsport, Formula One, saying he missed the F1 grid and the cockpit. Alonso was also impressed by the principles of ambitions of Alpine’s project, which led him to return to the team and Formula One. 

Why did Fernando Alonso leave Ferrari? 

After winning it all with Renault, Alonso struggled at McLaren before returning to Renault. As his car began to struggle, Alonso moved to Ferrari in 2010 to partner with Felipe Massa. Thankfully for Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen was released by Ferrari despite being contracted to race with them in 2010. 

Alonso got very close to winning a title with Ferrari, coming four points off in 2011 and three points off in 2012. But Alonso never won a championship with Ferrari and left at the end of the 2014 season. When the split was announced, Alonso said he left Ferrari because “he is at an age when he cannot wait to win again” and wanted a new environment. 

Fernando felt as though he could not win a title with Ferrari, despite coming so close in 2011 and 2012. He may have also been encouraged to leave, as Ferrari recruited four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel to replace Alonso. 

Where was Fernando Alonso Born?

Fernando Alonso is a Spanish driver born in Oviedo, Asturias, located in Northern Spain. Alonso was born on the 29th of July in 1981. Alonso is easily the most famous person born in Oviedo, with former and current premier league players Michu and Juan Mata, both also born in Oviedo. The current Queen of Spain was also born in Oviedo. 

Who are Fernando Alonso’s Parents?

Fernando Alonso’s parents made up the working-class family he was born into. Fernando’s father is Jose Luis Alonso. Jose was a mine shaft explosive factory mechanic and an amateur kart driver. Fernando began karting when he was three because his father wanted a hobby he could share with his children. 

Fernando’s mother is Ana Diaz. Diaz was a department store worker who home-schooled Fernando after the youngest Alonso rarely attended classes. 

Does Fernando Alonso have Siblings?

Fernando Alonso only has one sibling. Alonso has an elder sister, Lorena, who is a doctor. Fernando’s father built a go-kart for Lorena when Fernando was five. But Lorena was not interested, so Fernando inherited the go-kart despite being three years old. Fernando’s sister Lorena is sometimes seen with her brother, often at local karting racing in their home region of Asturias. 

What is Fernando Alonso’s Religion? 

Fernando Alonso was born and raised in a very catholic region. Alonso was raised Catholic, having attended a catholic primary school growing up. But Fernando has made it clear in his adult life that he is an atheist. 

When asked about his religion, Alonso said, “I don’t have any relationship with God, and I’ve never wanted it. I don’t believe in fate or any superior entity. However, Alonso is superstitious. He believes that 14 is his lucky number, having won his first karting world championship at 14.


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